3 Places To Start

Start For Free

Are you new to the gym and have no idea where to start? The free beginner workouts are for you. Complete with video tutorials with each exercsie.

21 Day Challenge

Have you been putting in the work and not seeing the results you should, or do you not want to waste time trying? This challenge will customize your plan to your goals over 21 days.

1 on 1 coaching

Are you stuck in the spot of "I know what to do, I just don't do it?" Accountability is the biggest piece to the puzzle. Apply below to see if we are a great fit.

How Other People Describe Your Course

What our Carb Lovers are ACTUALLY saying...

Alisha T.

austin-wells copy.png

"I lost 70 pounds my first year... and I almost quit:

In my first 3 weeks I lost 2 pounds. Which to me at the time was dissapointing, but Luke helped me realize that I was actually on the right track. I decided to keep going and I ended up losing 70 pounds that same year! Do exactly what he says. It works!"  

Daniela V.

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"I am down 130 pounds... and have kept it off for years now:

For over 5 years I worked out and ate as healthy as I could. Throughout this time I lose less than 1 pound a month! I was 275 pounds and I knew it should be going faster. I started Luke's way of eating and it changed my life! I went from losing 1 pound a month to 10 pounds a month, and I was able to eat the foods I enjoyed. It's crazy!"

Does this sound like you?

You are sometimes or constantly feeling like...

  • My body isn't meant to change: Everything I try doesn't work There is no point

  • I don't know how to start: The gym is confusing and everything contradicts itself online.

  • My family doesn't support me: I feel all alone. Everyone around me eats unhealhty..

Believe it or not I felt the same way as did hundreds of clients who now have the results they desire. What we found is that by being able to choose the foods we enjoy it has been easier to stay on the program. We no long have to restrict ourselves. We just have to know how to eat the right portions for our goals.

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